Your profile

This is where it all starts. Your contact profile which we keep in privacy and let you fully manage it. You may share it with other people you already know or those you have just met or contacted. And once you change your phone number or e-mail they will learn. Right off!

Your contacts

Some believe that their contacts is the most valuable asset in their business. And we believe so, too. Make contacts in your address book connected with their profiles in Synced to keep their correct phone number or e-mail. Always!

Your S-Card

Are you sure your business card always does its job? It’s a matter of fact that most of the cards end up locked and ignored in drawers. With your S-card you deliver your contact details directly to other phones. Just by a single touch. So easy!                                                                  

New contacts

Approached by others via e-mail or phone? Confused about numbers without names on your call list? With Synced, if another Synced user calls or e-mails you, you can download his or her contact details and add them to your address book. No more “blind” calls back to unknown numbers.


Buying from the Internet? Tired of register and delivery address forms? Once you have your contact details with Synced you can decide to share them with e-shop to make your shopping more comfortable! And faster!

Not only mobile

Are all good apps only for mobiles? But what about your PC or Mac just in front of you? We work on both desktops and mobiles and therefore we want to have Synced for all platforms, so you can use it on all your devices. Seamlessly!

Our Team

Rastislav Kuciak    

Passionate idea generator and executor with a corporate strategy and M&A background

Roman Dzamko    

Successful investor with exceptional sense of prosperous projects.                      

Daniel Vanco    

Architecture & project management

Juraj Stacho    

When he's not strumming the guitar, he dedicates all his heart to delivering applications with maximum security.

Miroslav Bodis    

Web and android developer with passion in board sports.

Ivor Uhliarik    

Applies the best of tending plants, cooking, plucking the cello, and artificial intelligence research to solving even the most mundane of tasks.